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What Have the Friends Done?

2020   - by month

April - Now, 2020

There has been little activity, we will have an Annual Membership Meeting in November. Support for online Yoga, Teen and Children's programs continued, the website was updated as needed. We welcomed our new Senior Librarian, Jane Dobjia.

March, 2020

Early in the month we continued with sorting donations, storing them for the upcoming Sale, and refilling bookstore shelves. The website updated, HOTP books continued. We setup for the BIG Book Sale, staffed it and cleaned up. We said goodbye to our Senior Librarian. Then the Corona Virus came and almost all stopped. We continued to support a few online programs such as yoga.

February, 2020

February was a short but busy month for the Friends. We supported children's programs including an African-American Dance program and Story Time with Rebecca, and provided supplies for Teen Council programs. Adults enjoyed the weekly Yoga program and the arrival of new HOTP books. Volunteers sorted print and media donations twice weekly, storing them for the March Book Sale or using them to restock the Bookstore shelves. This website was updated regularly.

January, 2020 - Sorting and storing print and digital donations twice weekly continued, along with Bookstore staffing and restocking. The website was updated, HOTP books arrived and many enjoyed the weekly Yoga class. Our FOL Board met for reports and planning. Children enjoyed Story Time with Rebecca and the Friends provided supplies for teen and children's programs. FOL also provided miscellaneous supplies such as computer mice. Volunteers gave 490 hours this month.

2019 - by month

December, 2019 - HOTP books and Yoga continued and we enjoyed Monica's Holiday Crafts program. Weekly sorting of donations and daily Used Book Store staffing involved many members. Teh website was updated often. We set up for the B-I-G Book Sale, staffed it, and then cleaned up - our major quarterly fund-raising event. This provides support for children's programs such as Story Time with Rebecca and teen programs including Teen Council and special activities. Volunteers gave 598 hours this month.

November, 2019 - This busy month included our Annual Membership meeting with elections and brunch for library staff. HOTP books came, patrons enjoyed yoga, Story Time with Rebecca, and childrens and teen programs were supported. The Bookstore was staffed daily and shelves refilled often. The website was updated regularly. Volunteers sorted print and media donations weekly, preparing them for the store and December Sale. Volunteers gave over 347 hours this month.

October, 2019 - The Friends continued usual activities: Sorting and storing donations for the next BIG Book Sale, restocking and staffing the Book Store, and updating this website. Yoga classes were held weekly and the book club met to discuss this month's book and plan for the next months. We supplied materials for a Dia de los Muertos craft progam for about 140 teens. Children enjoyed Story Time with Rebecca HOTP books continued to arrive for branch users. Volunteers gave over 427 hours this month.

September, 2019 - HOTP books arrived, yoga class and the Book club met, donations were sorted regularly. The BIG Book Sale required setup, staffing during the sale and cleanup. We kept the book store open daily, updated the website, and provided supplies and refreshments for children's and/or teen's programs including Story Time with Rebecca. Volunteers gave 659 hours in September.

August, 2019 - FOL continued normal activities: sorting new donations to restock the Used Bookstore or store the the next BIG Book Sale; staffing the Used Book Store; updating the web site, and having an Open Board meeting for updates and planning. HOTP books continued to arrive, and patrons enjoyed the regular Yoga for Well Being program along with the Teen SRC Blacklight painting, Story Time with Rebecca for children, and the adult SRC - Book Making program. A new spinner in the teen section is in place. The Friends provided supplies and sometimes refreshments for children's and teen programs. Page Turner's Book club met, discussed, and made plans for future meetings. During August, volunteers gave 355 hours.

July, 2019 - Volunteers sorted new book and media donations twice weekly, staffed the Book Store daily, and updated this website as needed. HOTP books continued to arrive; kids enjoyed Story Time with Rebecca; yoga classes and the Book Club met. The Friends sponsored kids SRC programs: American Sign Language and Music Show, Kricket’s Drumming Show, INCA Peruvian Ensemble Music, and Tony Daniels’ Magic Show. We also sponsored the Teen SRC: How to Draw Superheroes. The Friends provided supplies for Childrens's and Teen SRC programs and for Teen Council. Volunteers gave over 480 hours in July.

June, 2019 - Our quarterly Book and Media sale was a success, raising funds to help meet Library needs. Volunteers sorted books and media donations twice weekly and staffed the Used Book store daily. HOTP books came in and flew off the shelves. Many enjoyed the weekly yoga class and the monthly Book Club meeting. We sponsored the Summer Reading Challenge program -- "Allan Oshiro Magic show," Story Time with Rebecca, and provided supplies for Childrens's and Teen programs such as Teen Council. 650 hours were volunteered this month.

May, 2019 - Supporting the Library: providing a weekly yoga program, a Korean Dance program, a Book Club, supplies for children's and teens programs when requested, and funding half the Hot-Off-The-Press books. Volunteers regularly sorted book and media donations to sell in the Used Bookstore or save for the June BIG Book Sale. Your donations help make the programs possible. There were 430 hours volunteered this month.

April, 2019 - The Friends continued support for Hot-Off-The-Press Books, provided support for Teen Council, sponsored Yoga, a Poetry Month craft program for adults, and Story Time with Rebecca. Page Turners Book Club met. Book and media donations were sorted regularly and saved for the next BIG Book Sale or used to refill shelves in the Bookstore. Volunteers staffed the Bookstore daily. The Friends honored their Volunteers with a Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, and also honored the Friends of the Year. Friends volunteered 426 hours this month.

March, 2019 - Our B-I-G Book Sale was a success. Thousands of book and media items found new homes elsewhere, proceeds helped to fund programs, book and media purchases, and other Library needs. Regular programs - HOTP, yoga and Story Time with Rebecca - continued and we sponsored a showing of The Richmond Rosies. Volunteers staffed the Bookstore, sorted donations, and set up, staffed, and cleaned up after the B-I-G Book Sale. More than 540 hours of work were given this month.

February, 2019 - Regular programs, such as Yoga and Hot-Off-The-Press Books continued this month. We provided supplies for Teen and childrens programs, and Story Time with Rebecca. Volunteers sorted book and media donations, restocked the Bookstore and stored the surplus for the next BIG Book Sale. Volunteers staffed the Used Book Store during regular hours. The Board met to discuss FOL business, past and future donations to the Library, and make plans for future activities. There were over 401 Volunteer hours in February.

January, 2019 - Braving the rain, volunteers sorted book and media donations twice weekly to keep the Bookstore stocked or to store them for the March BIG Book Sale. The reorganized Book Store was kept open daily by volunteer staff. We continued to support the Hot-Off-The-Press program, Yoga and Story Time with Rebecca. A new Book Club Chair is preparing to restart Page Turners Book Club. The Board met to review FOL and library needs, and plan for the future. We welcomed the new YA librarian. Our 2019 membership drive began - please consider joining the Friends or renewing you membership now. Volunteers gave over 475 hours in January.


Book sales in the Used Book Store and the quarterly B-I-G Book sales provided funds for supplies, books and media, and many programs for adults, teens and children. These include a Valentine concert, "Black Comedies," a program about Frida Kahlo, Temple Dancers of India, "Create Your Own Travel Journal," Halloween and December Holiday programs, and SRC programs: Puppet and Magic shows, Galaxy Glitter Jars, Animation, Map Keychains, Cupcake wars, Blacklight painting, LGBTQIA Rocks, Volcanos, Classical music for children, Bad Art, and Zoonation Dream. On-going adult programs include Yoga and Coloring for Adults as well as two special crafts workshops and two League of Women Voters presentations on Ballot measures. We added shelving to the Used Book Store to ease access to popular genre.

We said goodbye to Leslie Chudnoff, retiring senior librarian, with a party for staff and local librarians and honored our library staff with a Staff Appreciation luncheon. We also honored three volunteers as "Friends of the Year:" Tamala Lynch, Esther Rose, and Nonie Lann.

Volunteers set up, staffed, and cleaned up after the quarterly B-I-G Book Sales, kept the Book Store Open daily, and informed the membership and our community with this website and newsletters. FOL provides the funds for the HOTP program. Almost 6200 hours have been given.


Book Bike

Proceeds from the Used Book Store and the B-I-G Book Sales were used to add programs and supplies, above those provided by city funds. Adult programming included Coloring for Adults, weekly Yoga classes, Hot-Off-The-Press books, a Bookbinding workshop and a LGBTQ Heritage Month film. Children and teens enjoyed Theramin music, a magic show and seasonal music programs, calligraphy, henna, a martial arts presentation, an anime program, Aztec Stories, and temporary tattoos. Friends honored the staff with a luncheon. Friends gave funds for books to add to the various collections and for supplies to meet current needs and supported the LAPL Book Bike program.

Maggi Stern was chosen as Friend of the Year.

Members volunteered to staff the Bookstore and to setup, staff and clean up after the BIG Book Sales. We appreciate the donations from the community which made the Bookstore and Book Sales so successful. Some special donations were used for the Lobby display case and for a Banned Book Week display. Newsletters and special updates were provided for members and those interested in upcoming Book Sales.

Volunteers gave about 5900 hours this year.


Our B-I-G Book Sales and sales in the Bookstore have continued to provide for library programs and needs above city-funded levels. Adult programs funded include Yoga, an Arnie Weiss presentation, Coloring for Adults, a reprise of Hula 'Ohana, a Latina Heritage Month program, a Book Art / Book binding workshop and a League of Women Voters program. Young Adult funding included an anime program, a t-shirt program, a steel drum program, spray tattoos, and a large number of books. A monthly Persian movie program continued. Childrens programs included Silly Songs, Mad Science, the Great Race Reader, and Dreamcatchers. The Friends funded the Summer Reading Club for kids and teens; and a special Friends concert ended the Club programming for all ages. A second book club "Cover to Cover" was formed in September. We hosted a brunch for library staff and volunteers.

New supplies and furniture include audiobook CD cases, storage buckets for puppets, and two meeting room tables. Also, lots of books, program supplies, and some DVDs. Funding for HOTP continued.

Darlene Bodack and Bob Hyam were named as Friends of the Year.

Our members worked hard to provide good income from the Bookstore and the quarterly BIG used Book Sales, along with membership dues. We thank our many library patrons, who donated books and other materials to the Library, which were either added to our Library collection by our Librarians or became part of our Friend's sale products.

Our Lobby display case has been attractively arranged by Maggi Stern with special collections for Banned Books Week, etc. Our President Adele Druck and Hospitality Chair Ilene Braverman attended the Citywide Friends Meeting at the Central Library. Newsletters and special "Updates" were published this year.

Friends volunteered more than 6000 hours this year.


We continue to fund the Hot-Off-The-Press program with 25 new books each month, and add some not included in the regular selections. Friends provide programming for adults, teens and children, supplies for children's and teen programs, office supplies, posters, bookends, and fund miscellaneous needs of the Library.

Hand puppets were added to the puppet theater for children. Yoga continued for Adults and teens. Drum programs for children and teens were popular. Teens programs included T-shirt designs and Henna art among other things. Adult programs included the "Jackie Shapiro Chronicles." Special programs included Hula 'Ohana celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and "History of the Rebezo" for Latino Heritage Month. A large number of new books, beyond the regular library acquisitions, were added.

The income from the Bookstore and the quarterly BIG used Book Sales, along with membership dues, provide the support for these programs. Donations of books and media for resale are MUCH appreciated.

Long-time volunteer Gisela Sehnert was named Friend of the Year.

Friends volunteered more than 6045 hours this year.


The Friends donations to our Branch Library for new items included funds for Books, CDs, DVDs, Audiobooks, and Hot-Off-The-Press (25 new books published monthly), programming, refreshments, prizes, and arts and crafts supplies - all extras NOT covered by the Budget of the Los Angeles Public Library.

Certificate Presentation   
click picture to read certificate

California State Senator Fran Pavley issued a Certificate of Recognition - "Volunteer of the Month" - to our Friends of Encino-Tarzana Library for September 2014. It was presented by Rosalba Gonzalez, Field Representative, to Adele Druck, Friends' President (right).

Feel Good Yoga with Nicole joined the many other programs sponsored by the Friends for adults, children and teens, including magic shows, reptile programs, and YA craft programs. Office supplies and shelving stools were provided.

Earnings at each Book Sale seem to exceed previous ones. Our Friends Used Book Sales and Used Bookstore sales bring in substantial sums, says Treasurer Mark Lamken - thanks always to Norma Lamken, Margaret Talvin, and their extraordinary volunteers. Thanks too to VIP*S for their lunches for our hard-working volunteers during the quarterly used book sales.

We also thank Library patrons whose donations of books and other materials make our selection of of books, videos, and music fresh and exciting.

Bonnie Siegal was honored as "Friend of the Year" for 2014. The Friends welcome those who would like to become more active – contact our President - President@ETLibraryFriends.org .


Unique for this year were two Friends' gifts to the Library: An Epson Powerlite Pro LCD Projector, including installation - for showing movies in the Meeting Room. We also bought 9 new lounge chairs for the reading areas to replace aging and worn chairs.

Friends co-sponsored the Tenth Anniversary of our Rebuilt Library on April 20, 2013. Photos from past years adorned the Meeting Room wall. At our Annual November Membership meeting, Joy Picus, former Councilwoman of the Los Angeles City Council, spoke of Council progress and her experiences.

Our Friends' Page Turners' Book Club, which explores all kinds of reading, is now meeting at the Library on the 2nd Monday at 3pm. Our History and Politics Book Club has retired after 5 years.

Our Friends website was continually updated with reading lists, a carousel on the home page, and other news. Mark Lamken was named 2013 Friend of the Year." Our website also offers a variety of community Resources and a new Interactive Floor Plan with special sections and features of the Library.

Other News: LAPL invited us to a Citiwide Friends Breakfast and Meeting. FYI - at the request of LAPL, the number of our volunteer hours are now recorded and submitted monthly to the Library.

AS ALWAYS, Friends made major donations to support the Library

Finally, we were very pleased that David Hagopian, our Acting Senior Librarian for 2.5 years, was promoted to Senior Librarian/Branch Manager. Encino-Tarzana Branch is one of the busiest in the system and often ranks 2nd in circulation among 72 branch libraries! Our Library has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.


First, some Library news: A new City Librarian, John Szabo, was appointed by Mayor Villaraigosa. Branch Library Hours were extended thanks to the overwhelming 2011 community support for Measure L to restore Library funds. Encino-Tarzana Branch Library was #3 in circulation for 2011-2012 - among all 72 branches of the Los Angeles Public Library! Matthew Rodriguez is our Branch's new Young Adult Librarian. Friends continue to promote the Library through advertising in the press, posters and flyers, and our Library Events calendar.

Our income is from membership funds and our Friends' Used Bookstore and Book Sales. When asked about our high sales income, Branch Manager David Hagopian told his Senior Librarian colleagues that it was due to "hard work, dedicated volunteers, good advertising, reaching out to the community, and high quality used books organized in an easy-to-find manner."

With the 2012 income, Friends were able to continue to donate thousands of dollars to the Library for new items including three new tables in its Meeting Room. Friends sponsored or co-sponsored many programs for children, teens and adults. A more complete listing of items and programs is on the Supportiing Our Library page.

"As a child who loved to read, I had trouble finding honest stories. I felt that adults were always keeping secrets from me, even in the books I was reading. "
      - - Judy Blume


Check the Supporting our Library page for a summary of Friends support for the Library.

HOTP sign
Friends donations provide half of the 25 Hot-Off-The-Press books each month; they stay on these shelves 6 - 9 months - - when not in reader's hands.


Teen Area Spinner, 2019

Bookbinding Workshop, July, 2017
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LAPL Book Bike


March, 2015: New puppets for Children's area stage



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Sept 19, 2014: Sorters were joined by Rosalba Gonzalez, Field Representative for State Senator Fran Pavley. Ms Gonzalez presented the Friends of the Library with the Senator's Volunteer of the Month Certificate


book stack
Librarians added over 300 new books with funds from the Friends
(March, 2014)


ceiling projector
Friends donated a ceiling projector for movies and presentations in the meeting room (June, 2013)


lounge chairs
Chairs for comfortable reading donated by the Friends (May, 2013)


book cover


book cover

book cover

book cover

book cover

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