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Annual Report for 2018

Although our branch has everything you expect from a twenty-first century library, such as computers, wifi, and digital media, Encino-Tarzana is still a branch library where the physical book is prized. Library patrons young and old come to the reference desk with lists of books to read and request. Our book budget is supplemented by our Friends who help pay for our Hot Off The Press materials. Our Library Friends operate a bookstore which is open daily and a quarterly book sale which is well known in the community and beyond.

Encino-Tarzana branch has both a multilingual collection (English, Persian, Russian, Spanish, and Hebrew) and a multilingual staff! The branch is currently working with the International Languages Department to switch out our Hebrew books for a new lending collection. Speaking of language and literacy, there are three busy ESL classes at the branch weekly. A weekly children’s story-time shares the love of reading with young children and their parents. Literacy tutors meet their students regularly at the branch. New speakers of English are also improving their computer literacy with regular computer comfort classes.

Encino-Tarzana Branch is the fifth busiest branch in the Los Angeles Public Library. A busy branch also means a busy parking lot and grounds. I succeeded in getting the tower lights in the parking lot repaired and replaced. Without them the parking lot is very dark and it becomes a safety issue because there is activity in our lot 24 hours due to the electric vehicle charging stations. Another reason our lot is busy is because our parking lot is always open so that the Los Angeles County officials can access the River Wash. The waste receptacles in the garden are being emptied more regularly now. I am currently trying to get the exterior light sconces on the building replaced.

Staffing at Encino- Tarzana is currently full. However, during 2018 we lost our Young Adult Librarian, Emily Appleton, and our Library Assistant, Kurt Osterheldt. Emily was new to Encino-Tarzana, but Kurt had spent many decades of his library career at Encino-Tarzana. We miss his institutional knowledge and his ability to bring the staff together to work as a whole. Stephanie Studer, library assistant, from Woodland Hills Branch has been a great help to me in the daily operations of Encino-Tarzana. Elisabeth Calla is our new Young Adult Librarian and she brings a lot of enthusiasm and fresh ideas to the job.

Encino-Tarzana library is the cornerstone where the different neighborhood communities overlap and come together. Whether it is families with children, or single adults; the religious or the secular; the affluent or the homeless, they all find resources they need at the branch. I hope to build upon our strengths of customer service and access of information to all in 2019.

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Larry Nash   
Lawrence (Larry) Nash is the
Senior Librarian / Branch Manager
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