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You might enjoy these shows if you like author interviews, book discussions, or audiobooks:

CONNIE MARTINSON TALKS BOOKS - Interviews with authors by an interviewer who actually reads the books in advance. This weekly 30-min. series airs on local TV - channel 35. Mon.-Fri. 3:00 pm and repeats 11:30 pm; Sat. 3:00 pm. Check program schedule on LA Cityview 35 (www.lacityview.org). Sponsored by Los Angeles Public Library. For summaries of Connie's interviews, and book reviews by author and by title, see www.conniemartinson.com.

BOOK TV - All day, every weekend (including 3-day weekends), C-SPAN features interviews, panels, discussions on non-fiction books. They also visit book fairs, including L. A. Times Book Festival. See schedule at www.c-span.org.

BOOKNOTES - An online archive of C-SPAN's Brian Lamb's interviews of contemporary non-fiction authors, 1989-2004. See current schedule at www.booktv.org and choose transcripts to hear at www.booknotes.org.

ROMANCE NOVELS - Video playback from an extensive author interview list on the Internet. Go to www.romancenovel.tv.

OPEN BOOKS RADIO - Donna Seamans, Associate Editor of ALA's Booklist, interviews authors on her hour-long Chicago-based radio program. Audio versions are retrievable at www.openbooksradio.org

THE BIG READ ON XM -- Satellite radio series, airing audio versions of classic novels in 30-min. installments, premieres 9/10. Includes interviews and commentary by authors, actors, and other public figures. Broadcast 3 times daily, Mon.-Fri., on Sonic Theater (XM Channel 163)

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