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You might enjoy these shows if you like author interviews, book discussions, or audiobooks:

CONNIE MARTINSON TALKS BOOKS - Interviews with authors by an interviewer who actually reads the books in advance. This weekly 30-min. series airs on local TV - channel 35. Mon.-Fri. 3:00 pm and repeats 11:30 pm; Sat. 3:00 pm. Check program schedule on LA Cityview 35 ( Sponsored by Los Angeles Public Library. For summaries of Connie's interviews, and book reviews by author and by title, see

BOOK TV - All day, every weekend (including 3-day weekends), C-SPAN features interviews, panels, discussions on non-fiction books. They also visit book fairs, including L. A. Times Book Festival. See schedule at

BOOKNOTES - An online archive of C-SPAN's Brian Lamb's interviews of contemporary non-fiction authors, 1989-2004. See current schedule at and choose transcripts to hear at

ROMANCE NOVELS - Video playback from an extensive author interview list on the Internet. Go to

OPEN BOOKS RADIO - Donna Seamans, Associate Editor of ALA's Booklist, interviews authors on her hour-long Chicago-based radio program. Audio versions are retrievable at

THE BIG READ ON XM -- Satellite radio series, airing audio versions of classic novels in 30-min. installments, premieres 9/10. Includes interviews and commentary by authors, actors, and other public figures. Broadcast 3 times daily, Mon.-Fri., on Sonic Theater (XM Channel 163)

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