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100 Places to Connect With Other Bibliophiles Online
by Laura Milligan

from the Online Education Database

Reading is no longer an individual activity. Thanks to online book clubs, book trading networks, social media sites just for librarians and book lovers, kids' networks and more, connecting with your fellow bibliophiles and gnashing about favorite books is easier than ever. Thanks to these sites, you don't have to wait for your friends to hurry up and finish the book you just read: chances are, there's someone out there who's dying to talk about it too. Check below for 100 different sites and networks to find other bibliophiles like you.
[Note: This page is no longer available on the OEDB. Some of the sites have links to them, some do not. Those which do not can probably be found using a search engine. Some sites have been removed, as they no longer exist. ]

Book Collectors
Book collectors can use these networks to locate older editions, trade their own books and track down information about books.

1. AbeBooks: The community on AbeBooks features forums, a book club, and a GiftSleuth, which helps you pick out books for friends based on users' recommendations.
2. CleverCollector.com: (No longer availalbe) All kinds of collectors, including book collectors, visit this site to post about their discoveries and treasures.
3. The Book Collector: This UK-based network attracts librarians, book collectors and booksellers who read, contribute to and discuss the publication, "The Book Collector."
4. Meetup Bookswap Groups: The social media site Meetup has several book clubs and book swap groups for you to join.
5. CollectorBooks: Book collectors get to shop online, read about their favorite authors and collectors and get updates on collector news here.
6. Collector Network: Those interested in book collecting can add their favorite links to book swap sites, bibliography sites, sites about comic books, exhibitions and more.
7. Biblio: This forum appears on the Biblio "booksearch and marketplace" website, so you'll be connected to other book collectors and bibliophiles.
8. Instappraisal: After you appraise the worth of your old books, browse through the groups directory to find comic book collectors and other collectors' groups to join.
9. BibliOdyssey: View illustrations from old books, discuss book collecting and more on this blog.
10. Americana Exchange: This premier site for rare books, book collecting and book auctions features a message board, matchmaker for subscribers and other opportunities for connecting with other bibliophiles.
Blogs can provide a great, low-maintenance way to learn about books and connect with other readers through posts, member blogs on community sites and through comments. 11. BookFinder.com Journal: Check out the blog for BookFinder.com, a site that lets book collectors "compare prices on over 150 million books."
12. Book Patrol: This "haven for book culture" offers bibliophiles the opportunity to learn about libraries, bookstore sales and more.
13. BookReporter.com Blog: Stay connected with the book industry and comment on events, exhibitions, new releases and reviews here.
14. BookTalk member blogs: This online community lets members start their own blogs to fuel the discussion about books and authors.
15. Blog Talk Radio: Become a member to comment on podcasts and posts about kids' books, the book industry, and other book topics.
16. GB Book Club: Though this blog is from a Chicago reader's perspective, bibliophiles from all over will like the posts about the book industry, award-winning authors and books, and recommended reads.
17. Book and Reader Blogs:Members of this community get their own space to discuss books and network with other readers.
18. Rare Book News: Editor and bookseller Lee Jay Stoltzfus writes this blog to share news and insight about book collectors, exhibits, libraries, internet bookselling and more.
19. Books4all: This blog serves as a network and news site for British and Irish book collectors and booksellers.
20. Book Group Buzz: Get the latest on the publishing industry and book clubs from this blog, which appears on Booklist.
Librarians may just be the ultimate bibliophiles. Check here for librarian-only apps and networks. 21. Shakespeare High Cafeteria: This online tribute to Shakespeare features active discussions about Shakespeare news, book clubs, a creative writing center, "staff lounge," study help and teaching ideas.
22. Readers Read: Browse forum topics like publishing industry, general fiction, mystery/thriller, children's books and nonfiction.
23. TeacherLibrarianNing: Educators and librarians get together on this network, where you can join groups, post photos, upload videos and more.
24. The Shifted Librarian: Librarians connect through this blog about Library news, trends and of course, books.
25. Progressive Archivists: Librarians and those who are passionate about archiving will like this discussion group.
26. Progressive Librarians Guild: The PLG is "providing a forum for the open exchange of radical views on library issues" through this site.
27. Librarian Facebook Application: This Facebook app connects you to other librarians who can answer your search questions.
28. LibGuides Librarian: Publish your Guides on your Facebook profile to direct visitors to those guides.
29. American Library Association: This is the ultimate site for librarians: you can learn about networking events, literacy advocacy, jobs, awards and more.
30. Book Divas: School and university librarians may want to check out this online community of book lovers at the teenage and college level.
Social Media
From Meetup pages to whole social media sites devoted to book lovers, visit these online communities to meet people like you. 32. Shelfari: This blog about books and book collecting has a MySpace page and a Facebook application.
33.GoodReads: Keep track of what you and your friends are reading through this online networking site.
34.aNobii: Meet people who like the same books as you on this social media site.
35.BookJetty: BookJetty lets users organize, rate and review books and even look up books in the site's database of over 300 libraries around the world. Users also get a blog that lets them show off a "bookshelf" to friends.
36. ConnectviaBooks: This site uses books to bring people together who may have even more hobbies and interests in common. You can publish your book lists, find out what your friends are reading, write reviews and connect with other readers around the world.
37. Listal: List your favorite music, books and games on this site, which also gives you recommendations, network with friends and meet new friends based on your reading preferences.
38. Barbelith: This underground, "subcultural engagement" community features posts and discussions about Ezra Pound, favorite authors, vacation reads and Chuck Palahniuk.
39. MySpace Books: This ultimate social networking site has a page just for books, connecting readers, authors and those in the book industry.
40. Books iRead: This is another Facebook app that lets you rate, review, and share books you've read.
Hop on one of these sites to get recommendations for new titles and to share your list of favorites. 41. Chain Reading: This book tracking site lets you and your friends recommend books, browse titles, write reviews and more.
42. Reader2: Recommend books to other users and scroll through existing recommendations to get ideas of new books to read. The virtual community also allows even more book talk among members.
43. JuiceSpot: JuiceSpot is a Canadian based site that is fueled by club members' recommendations of books.
44. The Bookies: This online book discussion group lets you rate your favorites and post recommendations for other users.
45. MysteryNet: Fans of mystery books can visit this social lounge and talk about their favorite stories and play community games with mystery themes.
46. BookTalk: This site features live author chats and plenty of virtual space for you and your new friends to recommend books and discuss stories.
47. The Hipster Book Club: This LiveJournal community of hipsters shares suggestions for good reads old and new.
48. SFFWorld:Fans of science fiction and fantasy literature get together to share titles and talk about their favorites here.
49. Book Group Online: Recent active posts on this forum include Novels of the 21st Century, Crime, Thrillers and Mystery, Fantasy and Myth, and the Writer's Corner.
50. Book and Reading Forums: This site, just for book lovers, has several topics going on at once, from books to writing to trading to contests.
    Also. About.Com - Book Reviews & Reading Lists: Offers recommendation lists by genre and topic, and reviews of the latest books.
Organizing and Sharing Titles
The features on these websites offer up neat ways to catalog your collections and share reading ideas with others. 52. Books Well Read: This free book journal is still in beta form. Make friends by commenting on book discussion entries, keep track of notes, titles and wish lists, and learn about new titles and authors.
53. GuruLib: This site lets you keep a catalog of your books and other media, meet other bibliophiles, and post reviews and recommendations.
54. ShelfCentered: Keep all of your books on one shelf with this virtual collectors' kit.
55. GRITS Online Reading Club: This online reading club focuses on African American literature and features scheduled chats, book reviews and more.
56. Barnes and Noble Book Discussions: Barnes and Noble's discussion community allows readers an easy way to talk about books and then visit the online store.
57. Lib.rario.us: Organize your book collection on this site, which also lets you browse other users' recently added books, music and more.
58. Bestsellers and Literature: Look up bestsellers and then participate in the book discussion or review forum after you've read your picks.
59. Visual Bookshelf: Stack up the thumbnails of the books you've read to share reviews and titles with Facebook friends.
60. Squirl: Squirl is a site for all kinds of collectors to organize their treasures. Users can leave comments, create many different collections and lists, share with friends and more.
Novelists and Writers
Writers who love books can promote their own works on these sites, meet agents and publishers, and talk about some of their favorite books. 61. AuthorPromote.com: Authors can add their books to this site and network with other writers and bibliophiles.
62. Slake: Access publication information for tons of books on this site, which also has resources and networking for authors.
63. Author Tree: Authors get to manage their own site on Author Tree. Members can also promote their own books, search other authors' sites to network and share titles.
64. WritersNet: Authors, unpublished authors, literary agents and publishers flock to WritersNet to talk about books, make professional connections, get editing and publishing tips and more.
65. ABNA Forums: ABNA, or the Association of Breakthrough Novel Writers, hosts lots of discussions about reviews, finding editors, getting title ideas, and news about the organization.
66. Fiction Addiction: This is "ultimate network for fiction," including writers and readers. Besides getting information about workshops and writing tips, you can also share your work online, ask for writing advice and more.
67. Salon Table Talk: Salon.com's discussion board connects writers and readers to talk about the book industry, different genres, specific titles, and authors.
68. Poets.org: Poets.org is the site for the Academy of American Poets. There's a poets forum, information about exhibitions, readings and clubs, a teacher discussion forum and more.
69. Pathetic.org: This network of poets and poetry lovers lets members vote on favorites, discuss and review poems, celebrate birthdays and keep in touch.
70. Book Marketing Network: Writers can visit the forum, set up their own page or browse the different groups to meet publishers and other authors.
Sites for Children and Teens
Children and teenage readers have their own safe networks to discuss their favorite characters and get ideas for books they might like. 72. Children's Books Online: The Rosetta Project: Volunteer to become a translator so that more books can be published for free online in multiple languages. You'll also get to meet other fans of children's literature and advocates of child literacy.
73. Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents: Learn about conferences, workshops, and the reading partners program on this site, which also invites visitors to post comments and participate in discussions.
74. Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: This popular series has its own community and club on the Scholastic website, just for fans.
75. RIF Reading Planet Club: The Reading is Fundamental Project has a kids' reading club that lets members vote on website content, have a chance at being Club President for a month, access an online reading log to organize their books and win prizes.
76. Scholastic Message Boards: The Kids Boards at Scholastic feature posts about popular authors, favorite titles and more.
77. Teens@Random: Random House's teen site has a forum that lets young readers review books, share book buzz surrounding new releases and talk about their favorite characters.
78. Children's Book of the Month Club: This kid-friendly book club sends you books for very discounted prices.
79. Into Words: Click on a title organized by junior high or high school to read reviews written by "real girl" readers.
80. Adbooks: All you need is an e-mail address to join this Yahoo! discussion network to talk about books for adolescents.

Trading and Selling
The book swapping and selling market is huge on the Internet, and these are some of our favorite networks. 81. Used Book Central: This site "puts bookseller and buyer together." Look for textbooks, children's books, award winners, or just browse by subject and author.
83. Biblioroom: In addition to searching for books to sell or buy, you can participate in the online auctions.
84. Stump the Bookseller: This page from Longberry Books is a network for book lovers who help each other remember book titles, authors and other book information.
85. Bookmooch: BookMooch, a book trading site available in 7 languages, lets users ask for books to be sent to them for free once they volunteer ten of their own titles to trade.
86. PaperBackSwap: This book swapping club lets you send several books at once, minimizing the money you spend on postage.
87. MediaChest: On MediaChest, you can loan out, borrow and track books, CDs, DVDs and games for free.
88. Collectors' Quest: This is "where hunters gather" to look for books, meet up with other book collectors and sell their own books.
89. SwitchPlanet Books: Members use this network to rack up Switchbucks and organize wish lists. Browse categories like religion and spirituality, entertainment, children's books, fantasy, and others to see if you have a match.
90. TitleTrader: TitleTrader is a completely free network of people who want to swap their stuff for something else including books, musical instruments, office products, electronics, gourmet food, clothes, software and a lot more.
For Those Who Love to Read
Anyone who loves to read will like these websites, which offer outlets for discussion, recommendations, searches and more. 91. LibraryThing: Join a group and start a profile to tell your new friends what you're reading, what you've already read and what you can't wait to read.
92. Bookcrossing.com: Nearly 700,000 book lovers visit Bookcrossing.com to pass on books and talk about their favorites.
93. BookTribes: Join the BookTalk forum to talk about your favorites and manage an account to "discover great books and the people who love them."
94. BookHitch: This site is technically a book search engine, but anyone can add books, including one that you've written.
95. Meetup Book Clubs: Browse the many book clubs on Meetup here.
96. Reader's Circle: Share news about your book club on this site for the nonprofit readers' organization.
97. ReadingGroupGuides.com: Register with your book club or find a book club through this site. You can also access message boards and the site's blog.
98. Reader's Paradise: This online book discussion site has hundreds of messages going on at once.
99. Bookworms: This Yahoo! book club is a great place to talk about books and connect with other bookworms
100. Nancy Pearl's Book Lust Wiki: Join the book club on this site to talk about your own club's favorite books.

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