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"I hate being in libraries, because I always feel there's something I'm missing. "
              - - Peter Carey


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Welcome to our Friends of the Encino-Tarzana Library Newsletter, published at least two times a year. An electronic copy is sent to members with email addresses; and a print copy is mailed to those without email. Our Newsletter includes news and articles of interest along with coming events and other FOL interests. It differs in many ways from the contents on our website. We welcome your ideas for future Newsletter issues. Of course, for the most current information, the website will keep you up-to-date.
Click on a date to read our FOL Newsletters:

February, 2018   Newsletter

October, 2017   Newsletter

May, 2017   Newsletter

September, 2016   Update

August, 2016   Newsletter

May, 2016   Newsletter

November, 2015   Newsletter

February, 2015  Newsletter

November, 2014   Newsletter

May, 2014   Newsletter

November, 2013   Newsletter

April, 2013   Newsletter


Special Blast from the Past: 1982 Newsletter


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