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Every November at the Friends Annual Meeting the Friend of the Year award is presented. This award is given to the person or persons whom the Board of Directors has voted as someone whose service has contributed significantly to the success of the Friends and who represents the embodiment of our mission of service and support to our branch Library and the community.

At the Friends Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast in the spring, the Friend of the Year is honored

  Maggi Stern
Maggi Stern
Friend of the Year 2017


Friends of the Year 2016
Darlene Bodack and Bob Hyam
Friends of the Year 2016

Gisela Sehnert
Friend of the Year 2015


Bonnie Friend of the Year 2014
Bonnie Siegel
Friend of the Year 2014
Mark Lamken
Mark Lamken
Friend of the Year 2013
Nonie Lann
Nonie Lann
Friend of the Year 2012


Jane Gebers
Friend of the Year 2011
Jenny Lapidus
Friend of the Year 2010

Adele Druck
Friend of the Year 2009


Joyce, Margaret, Norma
Joyce Propper, Margaret Talvin, and Norma Lamken
Friends of the Year 2008

Barbara Leff
Friend of the Year 2007


Gali and Ann
Gail Sillman (left) - Friend of the Year 2005
and Ann Samoos (right) - Friend of the Year 2006
Margaret Wood
Margaret Wood
Friend of the Year 2004


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From Our Archives -- Previous Friends of the Year
2003   -    Gloria Wexler
(1978-1993 list approved by the Board, November 1993)
1993   -    Babe and Marlene Frommer
1992   -    Larry Barnowitz
1991   -    Ruth Rhodes
1990   -    Richard Kazie
1989   -    Marge Micheletti
1988   -    Pat Win
1987   -    Dr. Gerda Friend
1986   -    Naomi Woodbury
1985   -    Florence and Vivian Tellefsen
1984   -    Lydia and Ed Moreno
1983   -    Lida West
1982   -    Babe Frommer
1981   -    Ray and Margaret Wood
1980   -    Virginia Maers
1979   -    Marie Brown
1978   -    Florence Tellefsen and Nonie Lann


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