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"Books speak even when they stand unopened on the shelf. If you would know a man or woman, look at their books, not their software."
         - -E. Annie Proulx


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Won't you help our Library community in Encino and Tarzana?

A library helps sustain a community and a civilization. Our Friends of the Encino-Tarzana Library provides more sustenance through donations, beyond what the City Budget can provide.

You may contribute in five ways (click for details):
    -- By joining our Friends of the Library,
    -- By making a tax-deductible contribution,
    -- By buying used books/media in our Book Store, and at our book sales, or donating your gently-used books/media for us to sell,
    -- By using AmazonSmile to make your Amazon purchases which will generate a donation to the Friends, and/or
    -- By volunteering your time.

We convert your contributions into donations of useful items that our Library needs. We welcome all donations -- whether or not you are a member.

Here's what we've been able to donate to the Library - thanks to your contributions:

2016: This year the Friends have continued to provide general library materials such as CD cases, bookends, power strips, and meeting room tables as well as additions to the book collection - especially YA books - and the DVD collection, and the Persian movie program. Hot-Off-The-Press funding continues along with funding for adult, teen and children's program supplies. Friends funded adult programs such as Feel Good Yoga with Nicole, a voter information program, an Arnie Weiss presentation, Coloring for Adults, and an Asian Pacific Heritage program; Teen and children's programs included an Anime program and Dreamcatchers among many others. Summer Reading Club programs for adults, teens and children were provided, ending with a special concert for all.

2015: The Friends have continued to fund Hot-Off-The-Press, purchases of books - including special collections, CDs, DVDs, Audiobooks. Friends sponsored programs for adults, teens and children including yoga, print-making, a magic show, a Native American program, and a puppet show. Refreshements, prizes, arts and crafts supplies, and general library tools and supplies have been provided. Summer Reading Club programs for children and Teens were provided.

2014: The Friends donations to our Branch Library for new items included funds for Books, CDs, DVDs, Audiobooks, and Hot-Off-The-Press (25 new books published monthly). Also programming, refreshments, prizes, arts and crafts supplies, office supplies and furnishings such as shelving stools were provided. This year, 'Feel Good Yoga with Nicole' joined the many other programs sponsored by the Friends for adults, children and teens, including magic shows, reptile programs, and YA craft programs. All are extras NOT covered by the Budget of the Los Angeles Public Library.


2013: Unique for this year were two Friends' gifts to the Library: An Epson Powerlite Pro LCD Projector, including installation - for showing movies in the Meeting Room. We also bought 9 new lounge chairs for the reading areas to replace aging and worn chairs.
     Friends co-sponsored the Tenth Anniversary of our Rebuilt Library on April 20, 2013. Photos from past years now adorn the Meeting Room wall. Click here for event photos.
     AND - AS ALWAYS, Friends did the following throughout 2013:
    -- donated funds to purchase books, CDs, DVDs, AudioBooks, and continued to support the Hot-Off-The-Press program of 24 newly-published books monthly.
     -- provided funds for Library supplemental items, including books and audiovisual materials, programs, refreshments, supplies, and prizes - none of which were covered by the City Library Budget.
     -- co-sponsored additional programs for adults, teens, and children including some of the Library's well-attented Summer Reading Clubs.
        (Actual donation amounts are available to Friends members upon request.)

     Donations to Library: Friends were able to continue to donate thousands of dollars to the Library for new items: Books, DVDs, Audiobooks, and Hot-Off-The-Press (25 newly published books monthly). The Library has three new tables in its Meeting Room too – thanks to the Friends.
     Programs: Friends sponsored or co-sponsored programs including Melissa Potter (Principal, Volunteer Services for LA Public Library), League of Women Voters, and two Book Clubs. Friends paid for movie license and rental fees for the monthly Persian movie screenings. Friends were also involved with teen and children programs not covered by the Library budget. Friends donated refreshments/supplies for Teen programs, i.e.: Arts and Crafts Programs -- Native American Dream, Collage Art, Mexican Tin Art, Bookmaking; Teen Reading Club - cake decorating, Aztec Stories, T-Shirt Design, Movie Night, Body Art, Comic-book style art, End of Summer Club Party, Holiday Card Making, concerts; and monthly Teen Council Meetings. Children's Summer Reading programs included: Cowboy Show, Songs and Stories, Pet Safety, Inca Music, and Bubblemania.

2011: During the year, as always, the Friends gave many thousands of dollars for books and media, including new Farsi language books. We also continued our subscription to Hot-Off-The-Press books for the latest and best publications.
     New for 2011: Movie Nights! The Friends paid the fee for the Library to participate in the West Valley Area group movie license to show movies here at our branch, using our own TV screen and movie DVDs. Some movies shown were: Tangled; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I; What is the Electric Car? and Persian movies. Also, we co-sponsored two programs for adults on senior fraud scams and the elections. And, we co-sponsored more than 20 programs for teens and children, providing presenters and/or refreshments, art supplies, not covered by the Library Budget. Program examples are calligraphy, musical instruments, poetry, stories and songs, chef demo, volcanoes, puppets, art projects, Cinco de Mayo, summer reading, teen meetings, and more.
     We bought AudioBook cases for circulation, and other supplies. We replaced one circulation desk chair and 5 meeting room chairs too.
     Then, we solicited others to contribute - and the Library and Friends do appreciate their generosity: Encino Neighborhood Council - $2000 for books. Monarch Village with their Cookout For Books - lunch and 240 used books donated. VIP*S Family Restaurant - lunches for Saturday Book Sale workers. Trader Joe's Encino - bottled water for Book Sale volunteers.

2010: We Friends donated thousands of $$$ for books, including up-to-date reference books, and continued the annual subscription to Hot-Off-The-Press books. We also donated some subscriptions for teen and adult magazines. We co-sponsored all League of Women Voters programs -- speakers' fees and refreshments. We provided other programming for children, teens, and adults, some with presenters' fees, most with refreshments and some program supplies, as requested by our Librarians. We gave thousands of $$$ for Library workroom supplies - e.g. DVD and CD protective cases, book jacket covers, and other processing materials. We also replaced some chairs.
2010: Community Donations - in appreciation:
  -- thank you to Monarch Village for hosting a Cookout for Books event on May 20. Monarch provided a delicious buffet lunch, and we collected a number of cartons of used books from the community and lunch guests.
   -- thank you to Trader Joe's Encino for donating bottled water to serve FOL guests and hard-working volunteers.

book cart

2009: We Friends donated: $4000 for children, teen, adult, and Farsi books; and doubled the Hot-Off-The-Press subscription for 24 brand new books monthly. We sponsored lots of programs: Additional children's programs, including three children's summer programs, and a year's supply of craft supplies, cookies, and parties for all children's programs; additional teen programs, including two teen summer reading programs and refreshments for all teen summer reading programs; and extra adult programs and refreshments, including the League of Women Voters program. We gave two more new book carts, another new chair for Staff Circulation Desk, and two new book store chairs. Finally, we gave supplies to preserve the library's collection -- hundreds of CD security cases, book jacket covers, and a CD/DVD disc cleaner/repair machine and refill supplies.
2009: Community Donations - in appreciation:
    -- Thank you to Encino Neighborhood Council and Tarzana Neighborhood Council both donating more than a thousand security locking music CD cases and insert trays for music. Tarzana Neighborhood Council also donated a square multi-shelf display table to feature timely Library materials.
    -- Thank you to Monarch Village, senior retirement community, for large-print books to fill a book cart, and for hosting a lovely event on April 3 in celebration of their donation.
   -- Thank you to Barnes & Noble for donating a book cart to the Friends.

burroughs collection

2008: We Friends gave the Library a gift subscription to the Hot-Off-The-Press (newly published) books, and bought lots of DVD Documentaries and books.  Also CD's, scores, and book to add to the special Edgar Rice Burroughs collection (creator of Tarzan).  We brought the League of Women Voters to speak three times, gave supplies and refreshments for Adult, Teen, and Children's programs, and publicized Library programs.  We gave a new chair for Circulation Clerk, two new book trucks, and much-needed preservation supplies, including CD and book jacket covers for more than 3000 items.  ALSO, every month we prepare a current 2-month Encino-Tarzana "Library Events" Calendar as a handout - culled from our website's Events list.
2008: Community Donations - in appreciation:
    -- Thank you to the Rotary Club of Tarzana-Encino for its $4,000 donation of new audiobooks to the Library, presented on Jan. 12, 2008
   -- Thank you to Trader Joe's Encino for donating bottled water to serve FOL guests and hard-working volunteers.
    -- Thank you to the Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., and James J. Sullos, Jr., President, for updating our Library's special collection of books and memorabilia of Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan.


Media Cart

2007: We Friends did the following: Doubled our cash donation for Library books and materials at our Senior Librarian's request; focused on supplemental children and teen programs. Bought two large tables for the Library's meeting room and a Media Display Cart for teen graphic novels. We gave additional funds for an adult program, supplies including a large amount of DVD security cases and inserts, and decorations to enhance the Library's appearance year-round.

picture of paperback book rack

2006: We Friends gave the following: Considerable cash to supplement the Library's limited budget for books and materials for children, teens, and adults. Programming was a focus too -- for adults, teens, and children. Then, too, we gave refreshments for some programs and for YALDA - Iranian Family Celebration. Finally, we donated two attractive paperback racks.

DVD rack

2005: We Friends donated a complete children's DVD collection to replace the collection of vandalized videos. Also, we contributed funds for Persian language books and the rental book collection. Programming was a focus too -- for teens, and for children (including arts and crafts supplies). We sponsored programs for adults and children. Finally, we ordered some permanent signage and gave holiday decorations.


Won't you participate a little more? Please complete the donation form and mail your tax-deductible contribution to benefit the Library and our Encino and Tarzana communities.


Questions? Please feel free to contact President Adele Druck at:


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