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President - Maggi Stern  -  president@etlibraryfriends.org

Membership - Jenny Lapidus  -  member@etlibraryfriends.org

Book Sales - Norma Lamken  -  booksales@etlibraryfriends.org

Bookstore - Norma Lamken  -  bookstore@etlibraryfriends.org

Publications - Barbara Y. Leff  -  publications@etlibraryfriends.org

Publicity/Outreach - TBA  -   publicity@etlibraryfriends.org

Book Clubs - Leya Booth -  bookclubs@etlibraryfriends.org

Information  -  info@etlibraryfriends.org

Acting Senior Librarian / Branch Manager  - Jennifer Siron -  enctar@lapl.org
Telephone: (818) 343-1983

Website manager - Judy Russell  -  webmanager [at] etlibraryfriends.org

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