Why We Volunteer

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Volunteers were asked "Why do you volunteer?"
The following were their answers.



I love reading and books.
And I enjoy meeting all the people and selling the books.
-- Phyllis B.


I buy hundreds (thousands over the years) of books to donate to the local Title I public elementary school. Volunteering as a book sorter gives me the opportunity to preview books at the wonderful bookstore and book sale prices.
-- Diane H-G.


I volunteer because I have always loved to read. When I was young it was a great place to get away from the roughhousing of my brothers. Now I am able to leave work early to work in the bookstore. I love to meet new people and the children who get to own their very own books!! It has been a blessing to be able to volunteer for such a great group.
-- Mary M.


During the last book sale, I referred a close friend to volunteer. When she arrived, she was happily surprised by the warm gracious welcome she received. I always love the time that I spend with the Friends of the Library but knowing that we are welcoming to all makes us one of the unique volunteer groups in the Valley! Thank you. Fondly,
-- Judith S.


I've just come from New York City. I lived there all my life. It is a whole different world but thankfully the library remains the same. I feel at home.
-- Blanche S.


As a retired Librarian (children's, young adult, adult), I feel more comfortable working with books, and keeping in touch with a class of people, who love to read.
-- Paula C-H.


I feel it's important to encourage reading and recycling of books. It's a wonderful opportunity to interact with community members who respect and appreciate learning.
-- Anonymous


I joined the volunteers almost immediately upon my arrival in Encino, having moved here from London, England. I wanted to support my local library as I believe it provides a wonderful service for the local community and I wanted to play my part in ensuring it would continue to do so. I also have a more selfish reason, in that I wanted to meet people of like mind in my new local area. The Friends have more than met my expectations on both fronts and I hope to continue my association with them for many years to come.
-- Anonymous


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