Friends of the Encino-Tarzana Library


The Friends of the Encino-Tarzana Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library (FOL) is a nonprofit organization of volunteers dedicated to enhancing the Library's resources and services since 1972. We invite you to participate. Join Us!

Our website is a comprehensive source of information - about our Friends and activities, our Branch Library and its resources, our Los Angeles Public Library's extensive resources, and links to our Encino-Tarzana community. CHECK THE MENUS AND ENJOY BROWSING!

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Our Mission:

The purposes of the Friends are to enhance community interest for the Library as a prime cultural and educational asset; to focus public attention on its resources and services; to encourage and receive gifts, endowments and bequests to the Library; to raise funds in support of the Library's collection, services, operations, and facilities; and to support and cooperate with the Library in developing library services and programs for the community.

What do the Friends do?

Friends in Action

Every day - Browse, buy, and enjoy! Volunteers staff the Used Bookstore.

3/22 - Beautiful new donations sorted, Bookstore shelves now full, much stored for June BIG Book Sale.

3/19 - Another HOTP: So many good books waiting for you.

3/20 - Yoga for Well-being: Breathe, Stretch, relax.

3/19 - Book and media donations sorted, used to refill Bookstore shelves or stored for next BIG Book Sale.

3/19 - Three HOTP: Good things keep coming.

3/15 - Donations sorted, Bookstore shelves filled and remainder stored for the next BIG Book Sale.

3/13 - Yoga for Well-being: Breathe, Stretch, relax.

3/11 - Meeting room emptied, the cycle is ready to resume for the June BIG Book Sale.

3/9 - B-I-G Book Sale ends, empty tables, happy customers. Next one is early June.

3/8 - Happy customers, boxes and bags full of books and media items going to new homes from the BIG Book Sale. Volunteers keep things organized for new browsers.

3/7 - BIG Book Sale setup complete, ready to make buyers very happy.

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